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June 27 2019


Ice Cream Truck Toronto

Planning a picnic for family and friends in Toronto?                                                                         

Call Ice Cream Truck Toronto at 416-559-8455 and complete your reunion with some freshness. Toronto Ice Cream Truck is one of the best ice creams trucks in Toronto, which offers the freshest premium quality soft ice cream available and a wide variety of products like popsicles, slush, cold drinks, frozen desserts and many more.

Another event which  Ice Cream Truck Toronto can be useful for a birthday party. Our ice cream truck rental services are economical when compared with others in the market. Our approach is providing high-quality services and different flavors by maintaining cost effectiveness. We already know how expensive it can get to plan a birthday party and we don’t want to add more unnecessary expenses on you. Our ice cream truck Toronto is absolutely going to be the perfect addition to your birthday party. Just imagine the number of fun children is going to have to choose the different flavors. Not only children, we all know that adults love ice cream too!


June 24 2019


Some Tips For a Successful Ice Cream Truck Business.

To start an ice cream truck business can be a perfect choice for an entrepreneur launching a career. If you are interested in learning how to begin an ice cream truck business, take a look at these tips:

1. Assess the Resources You Need to Start Your Business

The most important asset that you need to begin your ice cream truck business is, not surprisingly, the truck itself. You have to look for purchasing a used ice cream truck that has freezers installed. If you aren’t able to find one that meets your needs, you’ll have to purchase a truck or step van and make the necessary alterations. Other costs when starting an ice cream truck business include the permits and licenses necessary to operate. These expenses will vary depending on where your ice cream truck is located and the local laws that the government has put in place. Also, consult with your insurance company to receive an insurance quote for your ice cream truck. If you’re planning to start an ice cream truck business by yourself, at least initially, you won’t need to budget for labor costs. But if you want to take staff to serve ice cream, make sure to factor those costs into your startup budget as well.

2. Choose What Type of Ice Cream to Sell

While most traditional ice cream trucks sell ice cream novelties, some do well selling soft-serve ice cream or hard ice cream. Novelties are by far the easiest choice since the main requirement is sufficient freezer space. It also reduces some of the food handling concerns that come with running an ice cream truck business since the ice cream is pre-packaged. Your inventory will also be easier to manage and keep track of. If you start an ice cream truck business, this is one aspect you’ll want to take your time deciding on. Consider your options carefully because it will have a profound impact on everything from your branding to the demographic you attract and most importantly your bottom line.

3. Choose and Purchase Your Equipment

Among equipment you’ll want to consider when starting an ice cream truck business is a base register. We know that most ice cream trucks get by with a calculator and a cash box. It all comes down to your long-term business objectives. If the purpose of your ice cream truck business is to grow into a thriving, profitable venture, you have to keep a register with your data.

If you’ve decided to serve one of the ice cream’s types, you’ll need the appropriate equipment to create and dispense the ice cream. Also, you’ll need a generator to keep all of this equipment running. Another option is an inverter, which converts the 12-volt power of your truck’s battery to the 110-volt power needed to power the freezers and ice cream machines.

4. Plan Your Route

The obvious choices for an ice cream truck route are stopping points at nearby schools, parks, and music and sporting venues. However, before you make plans to set up shop in the parking lot of the nearest park, check your town’s regulations to see if this is allowed. You also need to be sure you’re not trying to poach on a route already established by another ice cream truck. Make your research to ensure that you can find a profitable and legal route in your area.

5. Select Your Vendors and Plan for Inventory Storage

Since ice cream and ice cream novelties are readily available, you can shop around to find the items you want at the best prices. Take a look for commercial vendors to give you the best possible profit margin. This is a good last-minute option during a sales surge on a hot summer’s day.

6. Obtain the Needed Permits and Licenses

You have to put your truck into gear, but before that, you have to learn how to take a business license. So, contact your county clerk’s office or another appropriate government office to apply for one. Sometimes, you have to pass a written exam to obtain the licenses it is necessary.

7. Comply With All Local Health Department Regulations

Even if you’re selling pre-packaged novelties, you’re going to have to meet the requirements of your local health department. These typically go beyond the licenses and permits you’ve already dealt with, though there might be some overlap. Start with your city’s health department to learn the regulations you’ll be working under and what you must do to be compliant. If you only sell pre-packaged ice cream novelties, you are probably exempt from regulations regarding food handling.

8. Purchase the Appropriate Insurance

An ice cream truck business as any food truck business requires a standard type of business insurance. Be sure you have overall liability insurance and business owner’s insurance. Also, if you have employees, you need workers compensation and disability insurance.

9. Advertise Your Ice Cream Truck Business

You also have to provide an advertisement every time you drive around the city. That’s probably not enough, but worth. But don’t do just that, you have to think to be more creatively about how to advertise your ice cream truck business.

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